Platform Building

Without a Platform

Without a platform—something that enables you to get seen and heard—you don’t have a chance of being heard. Having an awesome product, an outstanding service, or a compelling cause is no longer enough.


Why you need a Platform:

The market is more crowded than ever. Competition has never been greater. There are more people competing for the one thing that is finite: other people’s attention. And you’re in competition with everyone else who wants a slice of it. People are more distracted than ever. Products are just the beginning. We have more movies. More television channels. More events. More apps, radio stations, and podcasts. More news sites, blogs, and, of course, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, not to mention even newer social media services.


A Platform is:

A platform provides visibility. The word platform itself is a metaphor for a stage on which you are elevated above the crowd. It makes it possible for everyone in the audience to see you. This is especially important in the noisy world I’ve described. A platform provides amplification. It enables you to be heard above the roar of the crowd. The noise. Modern sound systems leverage natural acoustics and make it possible to speak before tens of thousands of people. Today, modern media—especially social media—provide an opportunity for you to extend your reach even further. A platform provides connection. Traditional media platforms make possible a kind of one-way conversation. You “know” the talk show host, the performing artist, or the conference speaker. But social media has taken this to a whole new level. It makes possible two-way conversation—in other words, engagement.


At Preme

We believe you don’t just need a photographer to take pictures, a videographer to shoot some footage, a graphic designer to make a logo, or a web guy to make a website. We believe that it takes a culmination of all mediums to properly reach your audience and retain fans! At Preme we build platforms.