Preme Brands is a national active brand management company.

Pronounced: \ˈprēm\  rhymes with ‘cream’.

Preme’s moto: “Continuity is King”.


Our strength is “unbroken branding”. Meaning, that all of your points of contact (logo, web, print, jersey, photography & films, etc.) will look consistent within your brand. We build platforms using high-end visuals to communicate your active event, product or service – raising the perceived value of your brand.For more than a decade, founder Brandon Wade, has been filming, photographing, designing, branding and marketing premiere events and products throughout the country.


Cycling Inspiration

Weather: “Each year has a structure; the winter signals the rebirth, the hope and aspiration that sees you ploughing through all the weathers to be ready for the new year, each spring heralds a damp wet windy beginning, each summer lifts successes into new light, and each autumn sees hope having a quick glance up the road ahead.” Rouleur, Issue 26


Decent: “The hairpin looms. Back when I was the best on this climb, I would every once in a while come into the turn deliberately over-geared to show off, sometimes even in the big ring, struggling already on the mild opening slope to not crumple under the gear but then able somehow to resurrect myself and swing wide and pounce right into the throat of the beast of the turn and tear away at it with my legs and great swings of my arms, and once I had gnawed through it I would stand furious and free and snorting and flying all the way to the next turn then across the tricky little dip where anyone who slowed could be caught, and just as I knew I had to quit at last I would sprint to the summit.” Bill Strickland, Bicycling, Jan 2013


Renew: “On the bike, we can get a workout and a therapy session. When you’re on a ride, you calm down, you start to breathe, then you start to be clearer about your thought processes and what’s bothering you; it just floats up the the surface.” Patrick Dempsey, Bicycling, Jan 2013.


Nutrition: “I climb and descend and do it all again for a while, eating my breakfast as I ride, once on a hill holding an apple in my mouth for a few seconds as I rise out of the saddle and with both hands on the hoods rock the bike from side to side. In the morning air, the juice runs chill down my chin and sparks a tactile memory of feeling the same thing on this same hill on a spring dawning.” Bill Strickland, Bicycling, Jan 2013


Life Cycles: “I ride toward home, to the finish of just one more ride of a year of them, every one of which hosted or caused some event, some that never mattered in any sense, and some that seemed to but we never knew for sure, and some that broke us, and some that fixed what had broken, just like any year on a bike, just like every year on a bike, when each ride we take can be the start or the end of who we are.” Bill Strickland, Bicycling, Jan 2013


Strength: “On this day, no one was stronger. All men started as equals, yet here I am: the strongest of the strong.” Peloton, April 2013



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