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Award-winning filmmaker, creative director and designer Brandon Wade is based out of Saint Louis, Missouri and serves clients all over the country. He generally works in the mediums of film, photography, graphic design and website design but excels when crafting them all together.


Graphic Design

Web Site Design


Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival

Creative Director (since 2004)

The Subaru Elephant Rock Cycling Festival is the unofficial start to the Colorado cycling season and one of the nation's largest cycling events.

Logo / Branding / Website / Poster / Postcard / Tee Shirt / Jersey Design.


Colorado Cyclist Copper Triangle

Creative Director (since 2004)

The famous Copper Triangle has long been considered one of Colorado's classic alpine road rides Graced with breathtaking scenery, gorgeous roads and three challenging climbs, the Copper Triangle exemplifies cycling in the Colorado Rockies. The Copper Triangle is a 78-Mile course with an elevation gain of almost 6,000 feet over three mountain passes. Truly an Epic Day in the saddle.

Logo / Branding / Website / Poster / Postcard / Tee Shirt / Jersey Design.


IconLASIK Tour of the Moon

Creative Director (since 2011)

The Tour of the Moon was made famous in the 1980's Coors Classic and later in the cycling movie American Flyers. Today, it continues to be considered one of the premier recreational rides in the western United States. The breathtaking, high desert scenery and beautiful roads make this an epic day of cycling.

Logo / Branding / Website / Poster / Postcard / Tee Shirt / Jersey Design.


Hosparus LUNAR5k

Creative Director (since 2013)

The Hosparus LUNAR5k presented by Galen College of Nursing is a 5k running series located in the Louisville, KY region.

Branding / Website / Poster / Tee Shirt / Event Banner & Signage.


The Art Institute of Colorado

Photography Degree & The Visual Arts

The Art Institute of Colorado is located in the Denver Design District, a young, growing region known for its outdoor lifestyle and growing culinary scene. http://new.artinstitutes.edu/denver



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